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To protect revenue streams from attacks, service providers need to make security for all IP-based services a top priority. However, most of today’s security solutions are not built to support the scalability or performance required in service provider networks. The lack of scale and performance increases network and operational costs and can also degrade the performance of the network, negatively impacting revenue-generating services.

Sec Solution Consultants provides a scalable network security solution that is built to provide the performance required to support like Cisco, Juniper infrastructure including NGN services. Our security solution leverages industry-leading technology to protect the service provider network from both known and unknown threats.

We have effective solutions for organisations seeking to outsource the management of their information security requirements. Our services give you peace of mind that experts are watching over your security systems in real time, 24×7.

Our Managed Services for Security include:

  • Managed Firewall Service: Protects key information assets across networks, hosts, applications and databases.
  • Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention Service: Enables you to implement intrusion detection and prevention systems without devoting costly internal resources to managing, maintaining and monitoring the systems SIEM solutions for all type of organisations from SMB to enterprises. Providing expert advise and build report for Capacity Planning, Robustness ad stability of your network.

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