Welcome to Security Solution Consultants

we are providers of Managed Security Services, Network Optimisation, IT Industry Certifications and Network Integration

Managed Security Services

We have effective solutions for organisations seeking to outsource the management of their information security requirements. Our services give you peace of mind that experts are watching over your security systems in real time, 24×7.

Network Optimisation

Seeking to make the most of its existing investment in WAN bandwidth by reducing traffic, or aims to accelerate the performance of its global applications, Sec Solution Consultants provides network optimization services to corporate clients.

Network Audit

High-performance networks do not arrive wrapped in a box. Our engineers will look, tweak and tailor your network elements to balance network loads, optimize production traffic, ensure scalability and promote a healthy, high-performance network.

Maintenance & Support

With offerings for technical support, repair and return, sparing and software management, our certified professionals provide on-site, on-call and ongoing IT support services. For on-call support, our help line provide link to help desks and support persons.

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